Advanced and Disruptive Technologies
are improving our world

Polytree works with companies and governments dedicated to transformation through technology.
By focusing on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT),
we build systems and open platforms that underly the future of commerce, industry, and society.


Distributed Ledger /
Blockchain Technology

A Distributed Ledger is a global peer-to-peer network running cyrptographically secured consensus algorithms to create replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data. There is no central administrator or centralized data storage.

Benefits include:

  • Transparency of information.
  • Available, robust, and resiliant data.
  • Data security.
  • Guaranteed trustability.
  • Immutable data and a traceable history of changes.

Artificial Intelligence /
Machine Learning

AI and ML are based on algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to progressively improve their own performance for making predictions and decisions without being explicitly programmed to perform a task. Machine learning algorithms match their models against large data sets and therfore have strong synegies with blockchain since it can provide access to reliable large clean data sets.

Example AI and ML tasks: Powering Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Health Care Analysis, Process Automation, Intelligent Conversation, Vulnerability Prediction, Market Prediction, Automated Data Entry and Reporting, Translation, Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, Autonomous Cars, etc...

IoT /
Big Data

Interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling those devices to send and receive data, then combining these large scale networks with smart contracts and blockchain OS's will provide robust and tamper proof data collection, create unparalleled secure global networks, and bring about unprecedented automation of society at large.

Both network and device data-sets can be analysed computationally using AI and ML to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, providing unique and novel solutions for business, finance, governance, infrastructure and even human behaviour and interaction.

Polytree can help you build the future

Polytree specializes in bringing advanced and disruptive technologies together
to create holistic and unified solutions that change the face of industries and society.

  • Technical Advisory

    Polytree has established itself as one of the premier consultancy/advisory agencies in the advanced technology industry.

    With long time experience in these tehchnologies, Polytree has a firm grasp on the current and future trends of the industry and works hard to help guide companies and governmental organizations towards responsible and efficient adoption.

    This guided approach can find the shortest path to success, avoiding pitfalls without wasting time or resources.

  • Architecture & Solution Design

    Polytree has architected and built entire blockchains. We have designed ML algorithms for market predicition. We have created systems for deep analysis of big data. And more...

    Polytree is equipped to build large enterprise grade solutions, with a mind for security, modularity, and scalabiltiy.

    Our planning proccess takes an adaptive approach to build soutions that account for future contingency while maintaining the most efficent and performant specifications possible.

  • Smart Contracts & Dapp Development

    Polytree is fully supportive of a decentralized world. There are un-realized benfits, huge amounts of unlocked value, and vast untapped potential in the distrubuted future.

    As such, we have actively built and deployed smart contract solutions for 3+ years. We have access to a team of top notch contract and Dapp developers, and pride ourselves on innovating the Dapp landscape with new and useful solutions.

  • Training & Education

    Polytree believes that open and transparent knowledge transfer is one of the best ways to grow and support the ecosystems of nascent and disruptive technologies. Besides this, it is beneficial to the learner and can help grow skills and careers.

    We are activley engaged in educating others: technical workshops, corporate trainings, invited events, panels, Meetup gatherings, etc... anywhere is a good place to learn.

  • Incubation & Mentorship

    Polytree engages in start-up mentorship to help young companies navigate the disruptive technology landscape and provide them access to resources by tapping its own exsiting network of established industry leaders and visionaries.

    In execeptional cases, Polytree engages in start-up incubation with an aim of working together to build long term and sustainable business models.

  • Implementation

    Polytree has access to some of the world's top development resources in blockchain, AI, and IoT. We have a proven track record of building lasting and effective solutions for our clients and partners.

    We focus on complete solutions which include building scalable, stable, and secure implementations of advanced technologies.

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